Greek Breakfast

Cereals with Greek yogurt

€ 4,90

fresh fruit and thyme honey

Egg bread

€ 4,90

with honey and nuts (4pcs)

Fried eggs

€ 5,90

with sausage and fresh brioche

Greek strapatsada

€ 4,90

with mizithra on toasted bread

Sausage omelette

€ 5,50

with ham, bacon. Served with green salad

Vegetable omelette

€ 5,50

with mushrooms, colorful peppers and onion. Served with green salad

Freshly baked bun with sesame

€ 4,90

stuffed with smoked brisket, cream cheese, lettuce and tomato

Freshly baked peinirli

€ 7,90

με λιωμένο κασέρι και αυγό

Spinach pie

€ 4,50

with yogurt

Milk pie

€ 4,50

Donuts with sugar

€ 5,90

(4pcs) Accompanied by honey and hazelnut praline

Breakfast for 2 people on a plate

€ 18,00

(2 mini brioche, cheeses and cold cuts, boiled eggs, jam, honey, hazelnut praline, butter and toasted bread slices) Accompanied by 2 glasses of fresh orange juice.

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